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Luncheons & Dinner Menus

Our chefs have prepared a wide variety of menus to accommodate any event.  We keep our finger on the pulse of the food service industry to provide you with new and exciting food ideas.  We also prepare all of the classics.

Luncheons & Dinner

All of our entrees are served with your choice of a side dish, salad, and fresh rolls with butter. These prices reflect an informal event with the meal being dropped off in foil pans and include plastic plates, paper napkins and plastic flatware. Buffet service may be added to any event for an additional cost, and your entrée and sides will be displayed on a buffet with white linen and skirting, chafing dishes and decorative platters.


Prices reflect lunch / dinner portions

Chicken Picatta: Sautéed boneless breast with sliced lemon in a Chablis wine sauce.
$11.50 / $15.50

Chicken Marsala: Sautéed boneless breast with mushrooms & prosciutto ham in a sweet wine cream sauce.
$12.00 / $16.00

Chicken Francaise: Thin sliced and lightly battered breast of chicken with a sherry wine sauce.
$11.50 / $15.50

Chicken Parmesan: Breaded breast topped with Marinara and Parmesan Cheese.
$11.50 / $15.50

Chicken Paprikas: A rich Sauce with sour cream and sweet Hungarian paprika, served over spetzels
$11.50 / $15.50

Chicken Pommery: Sautéed boneless breast of chicken with white wine, cream and whole grain mustard.
$11.50 / $15.50

Chicken Madiera: Boneless breast of chicken in a sweet wine sauce with mushrooms and scallions.
$11.50 / $15.50

Champagne Chicken: Lightly breaded chicken with artichoke hearts, roast red pepper and fresh basil with a champagne cream sauce.
$12.00 /$16.00

Roast Turkey Breast: Oven roasted turkey breast with homemade stuffing and good as mom’s gravy.
$11.50 / $15.50

Bourbon Beef: A great summer lunch-Thin slices of roast beef with tomato, avocado and purple onion marinated in a bourbon vinaigrette. Served chilled with thick-cut sourdough bread.
$12.00 / $16.00

Roast Beef: Sliced roast beef served in savory onion gravy.
$11.50 / $15.50

Beef Stroganoff: Tender pieces of beef simmered with mushrooms and onions in a rich sour cream gravy, served with buttered noodles.
$11.50 / $15.50

Meatloaf: Made with fresh ground beef, tomato glazed with homemade gravy.
$11.00 / $15.00

Beef Tips Orleans: Bell peppers, onion, celery in thick tomato gravy, served with Cajun spicy rice
$11.50 / $15.50

Prime Rib: Slow roasted prime rib with aujus. Available in any size cut or chef carved on a buffet.
Market Price

Breaded Pork Chops: Breaded boneless pork chops with balsamic caramelized onions.
$11.50 / $15.50

Pork Tenderloin: Pork tenderloin medallions with mushrooms and scallions in a sherry demi glaze.
$11.50 / $15.50

Stuffed Pork: Roast pork stuffed with spinach, pine nuts and feta cheese with a braised tomato and onion sauce.
$12.00 / $16.00

Grilled Pork Chops: Grilled pork chops in a horseradish Chardonnay cream.
$11.50 / $15.50

Salmon Fillet: Fresh Atlantic salmon fillet sautéed with carrots, celery, and onion with a fresh dill Chablis butter sauce.
$13.00 / $17.00

Grilled Mahi Mahi Veronique: Mild white fish loins with green grapes in a sweet cream.
$13.00 / $17.00

White Fish Fillets: Baked white fish fillets with a lemon butter sauce. May also be breaded.
$11.50 / $15.50

Salmon Fillet: Braised salmon fillet with a fresh mango papaya salsa.
$13.00 / $17.00

Pasta Entrees

All pasta entrees come with a choice of salad and rolls with butter.
They may also be served as a side dish to any buffet at a reduced price.

Meat Lasagna Style Pasta:  Just like traditional meat lasagna with seasoned beef, ricotta cheese, homemade marinara and plenty of mozzarella made with smaller pastas for easier serving.
$11.00 / $15.00

Grilled Chicken Carbonara:  Julienne chicken and bowtie pasta in a parmesan- bacon cream garnished with scallions.
$11.00 / $15.00

Marinara Pasta:  Penne pasta in our own homemade marinara sauce.
Add meatballs or sausage for an additional $2.50 per person.
$9.50 / $13.50

Broccoli Pasta Bake:  Broccoli and rigatoni baked in an Alfredo cream sauce with ricotta & cheddar cheese.
$10.00 / $14.00

Fettuccini & Shrimp:  Sautéed shrimp and broccoli tossed with fettuccini in a Romano cream sauce.
$12.00 / $16.00

Macaroni & Cheese:  Home style macaroni & cheese with a crunchy breadcrumb topping.
$9.50 / $13.50

Pasta Primavera:  Fresh cut seasonal vegetables and pasta in a blush marinara sauce.
$11.00 / $15.00

Vegetable Lasagna Style Pasta:  Seasonal vegetables, ricotta & mozzarella cheese in layers of pasta with blush marinara sauce. **(Can be prepared to be completely vegetarian – without dairy products, but must be stated as such when ordering)**
$11.00 / $15.00

Buffet service may be added to any order and is an additional cost of $3.00 per person for groups of 25 to 50 guests – Minimum of 25 guests.  Groups of 50 guests and over will be charged a flat rate of $150.00.
Our Buffet Service includes plastic plates, paper napkins, flatware, chafing dishes, buffet linen and skirt, baskets, platters, water pitchers and cups.
This service is available to orders with a minimum of 25 guests.
China plates, linen napkins and stemware are also available at an additional charge.

Accompanying Side Dishes & Salads

Hot Side Dishes

Poached baby redskin potatoes with chive butter

Roast garlic mashed potatoes

Redskin augratin potatoes

Long grain & wild rice with parsley butter

Twice baked potatoes -additional $.50 per person

Penne or bowtie pasta with a choice of homemade marinara, creamy Alfredo, or a blush tomato sauce

Rosemary oven browned potatoes

Rice pilaf

Potato, broccoli, cheddar bake

Escalloped potatoes

Green beans almandine

Sugar buttered baby carrots

Steamed broccoli & cauliflower with garlic lemon butter

Steamed seasonal vegetable medley with parsley butter

Ratatouille – sautéed eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes and onion

Vegetable medley casserole – seasonal vegetables baked augratin style – additional .50 per person

 Cold Side Dishes

House special pasta salad with fresh spinach, tomato and cucumber in ranch dressing vinaigrette

Traditional potato salad with plenty of hardboiled eggs

Vermicelli pasta salad with mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and tomato

Our own homemade creamy coleslaw

Italian vinaigrette pasta salad

Redskin potato salad with sour cream, bacon, cheddar cheese and scallions

Macaroni salad

Garden salad of iceberg lettuce topped with tomato, cucumber, carrots, purple cabbage, peppers, and purple onions.

Traditional Ceasar salad with crisp romaine, celery, tomato, black olives and homemade croutons – Anchovies available upon request.

Mixed baby mesclun greens with cucumber and tomato with vinaigrette dressing.

Fresh baby spinach salad with tomato, cucumber, hard-boiled egg, Bermuda onion, and crisp bacon – additional $1.00 per person

Dressings: Italian, Ranch, French, Poppy seed, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ceasar,* Blue Cheese- *.50 per person additional.